Permit Process

Shed Permit Process in Tamworth, Gunnedah and surrounds to Muswellbrook and Upper Hunter


Dealing with Permits

Public speaking is the number one fear among people, but dealing with the city council may be the second. Luckily, Great Value Garages stands out from our competitors by offering assistance for all permit applications. We are dedicated to fostering good relationships with council staff and private certifiers. Sometimes, it really is who you know that makes a difference. Your project will be completed faster if we have the right information at the start.

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Potential Restrictions

Some properties may have building restrictions such as easements, flood areas, bushfire zones, or overhead power lines. These can be a minefield to negotiate. Great Value Garages experience can be invaluable in negotiating these issues.

The Right Permits

A ‘development consent’ is either a complying development certificate (CDC) approval or a development application (DA) approval. A CDC can be issued by a private certifier or council. A DA can only be issued by council.

Obtaining Development Consent as an Owner Builder

You do not need an owner-builder permit to obtain your development consent, however, you will need an owner-builder permit before you appoint a principal certifying authority to issue a construction certificate and organise inspections. You will also need an owner-builder permit before you commence building work.

Getting Started as an Owner Builder

If the work for your project is over $20,000 (market value), you will also need to complete an owner builder course and ensure that each tradesperson gives you a certificate of insurance prior to starting work. Call us for details.

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